Coach Diego Olivieri

Diego Olivieri

Owner/Head Coach

After swimming in age group swimming, high school, and Junior College, I fell in love with triathlons. I competed in my first triathlon back in 2001 as a relay member and have never looked back. Since 2001 I have competed in Sprint, Olympic, 70.3 distance, and full 140.6 (Ironman) distances. My background in coaching started back in 1995 as a swim coach for kids under the age of 11. I progressed to coach all ages, including adults, and all levels, including National and Olympic swimmers. Even though I remained passionate about the sport I grew up with, I went into the business side of life and only did part time work in swimming. During this time, I also started helping friends with their triathlons, and just coaching them as a hobby. In 2013, I realized this passion for swimming and triathlons kept me coming back for more, and this is when I decided to form Delta 3 Coaching. Having been a full time employee, training for triathlons, and starting a coaching company gave me a tremendous understanding for “what it takes” to put together a solid racing season. This is something I can relate to when helping an athlete, and I believe this clearly comes across when I coach them. Because of my in-depth background, I have the necessary tools to help out the beginner triathlete, and the ones that want to try and qualify for something more unique, like a National, or World Championship.